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Most Makes of Phone Repaired

We repair most popular makes of mobile phones. However we do specialise in iPhone and Galaxy Phones and we can repair most problems that occur. From Broken Screens to Water Damage or Replacement Plug sockets, we can repair your mobile phone in the majority of cases. Out Repair Technicians are experienced in a wide range of electronic equipment repairs so you can be assured of our best attention at all times.

Affordable & Speedy Service

We realise how important your phone is to you and will strive to repair your phone speedily and at a competitive price. Both iPhone Repairs and Galaxy Phone Repairs are our most common repairs undertaken on a daily basis.


Fully Equipped Repair Laboratory

Our fully equipped Lab has micro-soldering capabilities and complete diagnostics software and equipment to quickly analyse the problem and instigate the correct repairs. We only used the best spares and components that are renowned for their reliability and hard-wearing properties.

Top Quality Components

We source our parts and components from across the Globe and ensure that they are competitively priced. And we like to offer our mobile phone repairs at the most affordable prices possible. So next time you think all is lost with your broken phone, let us have a look and see if we can fix it!

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